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R/GA NY 2013
Role: Art Director
Partner: Steve Ashford
Creative Director: Qian Qian, Tristan Kincaid  

Outlet Billboards

Out-of-home ads for Samsung's GS5. The ads all highlight the phones long lasting new battery. The battery in a Samsung Galaxy can last for days longer than an iPhone. We showed people in the moment they’d need it most, by partnering with major airports to create an entirely new media placement: electrical outlets.

Featured on CNET, Business Insider, Creativity Editor's Pick

Awards: D&AD Wood Pencil


R/GA NY 2018
Role: Art Director
Creative Director: Rene Van Wonderen  

8K TV Launch

The Samsung 8K TV has the ability to upscale all of your favorite content to 8K resolution using AI technology. To tease the launch of the TV we applied this same principle to the classic black and white TV countdown.